Client Success Stories

No one comes close to Stew’s thoughtfulness, knowledge, patience and expertise

Stew has been so helpful in showing me houses even though he knows I am not quite ready to buy yet, but need an idea of the area and what I can get in my price range. Not only has he helped my with looking at houses to buy, but he’s even found me a very nice pool home to rent while I’m looking. I have had a lot of experience buying and selling houses, and no one even comes close in comparison with this man’s thoughtfulness, knowledge, patience and expertise! Thank you Stew!

“hikefool”, Homebuyer


He sold our house in one month!

I found Stew through Yelp! and I was so glad I did. We currently live in Texas, and wanted to sell our Arizona house. Stew made it happen so easy without needing us to travel back to the state. He sold our house in one month! Here, I have to thank you for your wonderful help, we appreciate your professionalism, competence, and hard work as our real estate agent. You did an outstanding job applying your experienced judgments in various ways, including your market research for the listing price, and your efforts to identify and interact with prospective buyers and their agents. As a result, we had a superb experience working with you. We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for everything.

Katie C., Home seller
Plano, TX


The most amazing purchasing experience I’ve ever been part of

For most people, buying a new home and moving can be stressful. Doing that and moving 1500 miles from your “lifelong home base” creates a whole new category in that regard. After many, many years of motorcycle trips to the Southwest, my wife and I started our 5 year plan on relocating and retiring to this area a couple of years ago.
5 year plans are great. However, real life has a way of making them need to be adapted to new realities. Such was the situation we found ourselves in two years ago. Realizing that at a point, time becomes more valuable than money, we reassessed our strategy and the 5 year plan became the “new revised” 2 year plan.
Now, just how do you go about relocating to an area half a continent away where you have none of the benefit of the connections a lifetime of living in one area brings you?
This is where it became interesting. Reviewing homes on various sites, I found a few I wanted to learn more about. Alas, after a few homes were viewed on any of the sites, I was left with the option of “signing up” or moving on to another site. I knew what that meant, here comes the sales call. Well, I really wanted to continue on with my search so I signed up, the call came from Stew.

What followed was the most amazing purchasing experience I’ve ever been part of in my 56 years, either as a seller or a buyer of anything. The voice on the other end of the phone (Stew’s) was the surprise of my lifetime. We made an immediate connection and I was completely put at ease with his reassurance that there was no pressure and that he was used to helping people make these major life changes, Stew told me this was what he specialized in because he had found he was great at it. Understatement of the millennium as far as I’m concerned.

Stew spent hours learning about my wife and I and what we were hoping to achieve. Next, he set us up on a home search portal allowing us to see any properties in the areas we had determined would be of interest to us. Tricky stuff as we didn’t really know, Stew just helped us determine that by LISTENING to us.
A few months passed and soon we realized it was becoming “now or maybe never” to chase our dream home as the market was changing again. We flew in to meet Stew and we had come to feel it was almost to good to be true in regards to the personal connection we had formed. Reality proved better than fantasy as we spent two days visiting various areas and crazy as it may sound, I felt like I had known Stew all my life.

We returned home confident we were on the right track with our choice of Realtor, now what? Can you really commit to a house over the internet on the word of someone, (no matter how much of a connection we felt) or do we have to fly down every time something looks “right”? Houses were moving so fast at that point, that wasn’t even realistic. We decided to go with our instincts. Some potential houses came and went and with every one, Stew went out and gave us a complete video tour of each property as well as his personal feelings as to the properties’ suitability for our goals, along with his own personal findings about the property and area. Stew kept looking for us and in a short time found the home of our dreams, so we made the commitment long distance to buy. Stew sent us a video of the home so we could see what we were buying. It was a great video that allowed us to “feel” the home. A month later before closing we came down to do our personal inspection and what we found was the house he had located for us was far more than the video or his descriptions could have ever provided to us. In short, if anything, he downplayed what a wonderful property it was. We signed the papers. I would also be remiss in not giving special thanks to his wife Angie Keene for working out our financing. Making a 5 year plan into a 2 year plan created some obstacles that she was a wizard in helping us work through. Thank you Angie.

Of course, that isn’t the end. In the three months before we could move in, appliances needed to arrive, pools and property needed to be maintained. Guess who took care of all that? Stew. Today I’m proud to call Stew my best friend. Anyone looking for as low stress an experience in buying a house as could be hoped for, much less doing it while being several states away, couldn’t do better in picking a Realtor than Stew in my opinion. Thanks Stew, you ARE the MAN!!!

Mark Lynch, Homebuyer


We had an offer within days and closed within 3 months of the home going on the market

Stew sold our home in North Phoenix in summer 2010. My company offered me a position out of state and we only had 3 months before we had to go. We needed our home sold quickly. We did a short sale and Stew did an INCREDIBLE job. We had an offer within days and we closed in less than 3 months from the home going on the market. Stew anticipated every move and was one step ahead. He kept the sale moving forward when a less experienced Agent might have derailed the deal. When the lender rejected the offer 6 weeks into the process, he knew what to do and 2 days later we were moving forward again. When they gave us a closing date 30 days away, we ended up closing in less than 30. Stew worked hard for us and really knew the process. I give him so much credit for making the sale happen. I heard horror stories about short sales taking months and months to complete and I think we might still be stuck with that house if we had used someone else. They will all tell you they can do a short sale but Stew is experienced and can get it done. Highest highest recommendation!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave, Home seller


50 houses over 3-4 weeks, he would not let us get frustrated with the process

My wife and I found Stew Keene thru Yelp! reviews. We highly value the opinions and experiences that others share on Yelp. My wife tells me all too frequently that I have becomes OCD when it comes to researching any and everything that is important (to me or us) whether it is a big purchase or even a smaller one that really matters to us for whatever reason. In this instance it REALLY paid off for us.

I contacted Stew and had to leave a message. He returned my call in about 5 minutes. I told him that we were in the market for a house and told him our base price need and general location. I also told Stew at the beginning of the call that we were interviewing 2 different realtors and would decide in the next 48 hours who we would use. He was very attentive and then began to ask intelligent, thoughtful questions to get a better understanding of our needs. At the end of the call, I had a really good vibe about Stew and was ready to make my decision. Being the good husband that I am I told Stew that I would talk to my wife and let him know… Needless to say, we went with Stew and we really could not have made a better choice no matter how many Realtors we interviewed.

We had a couple of very specific requirements that were must-haves in our home. We wanted to be close to my wife’s job, we had to have a house with two living areas, we had to have a pool. All of those seem pretty basic… Stew set up a website portal for us that he would drop houses onto that he thought may meet our needs. He also encouraged us to drop houses onto the website. He was very thorough in his selections as well as reviewing what we placed on there as well. He would never presume to remove a house that we put on the portal but he would on occasion tell us the price was higher than it should be, the neighborhood was sketchy or any other piece of information that he knew. If we still wanted to see the house, he was more than willing to show it to us.

I realize this is getting very long so I will shorten it just a bit.

Stew must have physically shown us 50 houses over the course of 3-4 weeks. He never lost patience and he would not let us get frustrated with the process. He was literally there for us at any time we had a question or need. We finally found the perfect house about 1 mile from Old Town Scottsdale. He was able to negotiate a great deal for us and was very attentive to us and helped to lessen the pressure that comes with this final piece of the process.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND STEW KEENE. You will not go wrong with this guy. Knowledgeable, witty, patient, resourceful and an all around top notch professional.

Chuck A., Homebuyer
West Palm Beach, FL


He negotiated on our behalf and got us a month’s rent free

Stew Keene is absolutely, positively the man. Before meeting Stew, we wandered aimlessly through the jungle of Scottsdale real estate. Because we were looking to lease a condo, we never thought a Realtor could help us. We happened to mention our situation to Stew, who — within a couple of days — had a personalized website set up for us with listings, and was calling us to schedule showings. His deft assistance was key in helping us understand the pros and cons of each unit we viewed. When we finally decided on a property, he negotiated on our behalf and got us a month’s rent free — and a move-in date before the start of our lease! On top of it all, he’s a fantastic guy — and he runs his business on a Mac and an iPhone — so awesome! Highly recommended, whether you’re buying a house or just looking for the perfect luxury rental in Scottsdale.

Josh G., Scottsdale, AZ


Routinely goes above and beyond

I have had the pleasure of working with Stew Keene since early 2012 when I started the search for my home in the Scottsdale area. I closed on a place July 2013 after making offers on several homes and looking at probably close to 15 homes. Despite the challenging market conditions, Stew made the process less stressful and is an absolute expert in the field. He listens closely to the customer, has an incredible level of patience, and had my best interests in mind at all times. He routinely goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations and since I was out of town quite often, he would many times take video of the property with direct, no bull feedback. I highly recommend Stew for any of your real estate needs, you will not be disappointed! Plus, he’s just a cool dude!

Joe Stubbe, Homebuyer


Part negotiator, part navigator, part adviser, part advocate, all professional

As a first time home buyer. Stew had the patience and resolve of a Saint. We found Stew through trusted close friends that had a great experience working with him. My wife and I thought we knew what we wanted, but Stew guided us through the home purchase and was always one step ahead of gauging our true needs in a home. He was happy to let us know that certain homes weren’t right for us even if it extended the home search time frame. He always put us first and made sure that we were getting the best value and property for our money.

He helped us through the many pitfalls usually associated with a first time home purchase, and made sure things were always on track. Working with Stew we felt as if we were his only clients as he always made the time to pick up the phone, or meet us if we happened to find a property sale sign up in an area outside of our original search bounds.

Stew changed the way I feel about real estate agents. He added value to our home purchase. If you want to double down on value, I fully recommend working with Angie for your loan, you’ll save yourself many night’s worth of sleep and a whole lot of hair. Stew is the best possible mix of old fashioned and completely up to date. He’s honest, hardworking, has a great knack for feeling people out.

I reactivated my Yelp account just to write this review. I consider Stew a friend and would actively ask anyone I know looking for a home to reach for his number first with no hesitations. I tried to warn him that I wasn’t the easiest buyer that he’ll ever meet, but he rose to the occasion and made it seem effortless. Thanks again Stew!

Hussy D., Homebuyer
London, United Kingdom


Stew took care of our family as a friend more than just as a realtor.

We were moving to Phoenix from Ohio and our process was a long one. Stew kept us informed and limited our stress levels with his expertise. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor who is honest, passionate, and driven toward positive results.

Jill D., Homebuyer
Gilbert, AZ



Has his clients’ best interests at heart

Stew Keene is a fantastic Realtor in the Phoenix/Metro real estate market. I can honestly tell you he is positively one of the hardest working Realtors I have known in my loan career. He always returns calls and has his clients best interest at heart. One of the best I have worked with in many years.

Angie J Keene, Mortgage Broker


There for us every step of the way…You were a God-send

“It has been a pleasure to work with you. From the 1st day, you have put energy and all your professional skills into the task of preparing our house for sale and marketing it aggressively and effectively. Your team of dedicated experts were there for us every step of the way from renovation to closing. Thanks for being available, positive and always responsive. You were a “God-Send” to us”

Kathie, Home seller


Extremely knowledgeable, tech savvy, and goes above and beyond with customer service

Stew Keene is an outstanding real estate agent. He is extremely knowledgeable, very tech-savvy and goes above and beyond with customer service. I was able to buy a home on short sale with Stew. He took care of every detail which made my purchase very easy and enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a Realtor, I would highly recommend Stew.

Rich, Homebuyer



One of the most delightful Realtors in Scottsdale

Stew Keene is one of the most delightful Realtors in Scottsdale. He sees better-than-average results and success with listing sales and short sale negotiations. He is creative and articulate, and his marketing is crisp, on point, and viral. Stew is everywhere … He has a great presence where real estate buyers surf … and that is very good news for real estate sellers. Likable, charming, savvy, and trustworthy in a single package – an amazing combination of features, especially in a challenging market.

Frances Flynn Thorsen, Real Estate Guru


An absolute expert in the field

I contacted Stew as I read rave reviews on Yelp, and true to the reviews, he was extremely helpful and gave me very prompt replies from the get go. I was interested in relocating from New York to Scottsdale, and knowing very little about the real estate market, wanted direction and guidance from someone who was knowledgeable and could find me places that met my criteria. Stew got back to me with possible places to look at right away that were the right fit for me. It saved me a lot of time!! He is great to work with and I highly recommend him!

I have had the pleasure of working with Stew Keene since early 2012 when I started the search for my home in the Scottsdale area. I closed on a place July 2013 after making offers on several homes and looking at probably close to 15 homes. Despite the challenging market conditions, Stew made the process less stressful and is an absolute expert in the field. He listens closely to the customer, has an incredible level of patience, and had my best interests in mind at all times. He routinely goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations and since I was out of town quite often, he would many times take video of the property with direct, no bull feedback. I highly recommend Stew for any of your real estate needs, you will not be disappointed! Plus, he’s just a cool dude!

Linda S., Homebuyer
Roslyn Heights, NY



Really a pro

“Thanks so much for all you did for me Stew. You really are a pro and I finally have my first home thanks to you. You are such a great Realtor!”

Amy R, Homebuyer


Asked the right questions to understand what we were looking for

We had originally begun with another realtor who didn’t appear to care about what we wanted and what would work best for us. We were shown homes that were 40 mins from my future job location. Not knowing the area, I would have thought a realtor would steer us in a better direction given how many homes are for sale in the Scottsdale area. I checked reviews and suggested to my husband that we try Stew out. Stew didn’t fail us. He was not only knowledgeable with the area, but also in structural damage signs to look for. He asked the right questions to understand what we were looking for. We found the perfect home. His approach with the selling agent was professional. We were able to close in a month because the house was vacant. I would definitely use him for any future dealings or refer him to friends.

Bob, Homebuyer


Honest and forthright, the PERFECT realtor

I always depend on Yelp and truly depend on the reviews so when I was looking for an investment property out in AZ I jumped on Yelp and found Stew, all 5 stars. I called him up and explained what I was looking for and he knew exactly my price range and the TYPE of property and neighborhood I wanted to buy in so he started his homework and I immediately started receiving MLS’s. Being that I live in CA i really had to depend on him to drive around ALL OVER and he did! Every single MLS I was interested in or ‘thought’ I was interested in he was all over it and gave me his honest and forthright opinion. Once he found the ‘perfect’ property and said ‘THIS IS IT!’ that’s where the real work began. Let’s just say there was soooooo much drama ranging from the seller’s agent to the loan processing that I wanted to just give up at one point, but Stew would not give up for me! He is very direct and tells you like it is, so when he said outright that we can do this VERY STERNLY I let him do his thing and we FINALLY CLOSED in the nick of time!! His wife Angie is great as well as she was handling the RIDICULOUSLY stressful loan application but with the two of them working together, they make a great team!! Stew is always in a great mood and not only does he build a relationship with his buyer, but makes sure he develops one with the seller so the whole transaction goes smooth even with the bumps in between. So if you are looking for the PERFECT realtor look no further! I can attest that Stew Keene is the man!! And once again thanks to Yelp!

Billie L., Homebuyer
Dublin, CA


Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with

Stew is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Stew as your real estate agent whether you are buying or selling. He’s outstanding!

“shar326”, Homebuyer


Hands down the best realtor in the Phoenix metro area

Stew is hands down the best realtor in the Phoenix metro area! He is quick to respond to emails, and always has his phone on him. His work efficiency is admirable. He truly cares about finding you the home you want, in the quickest way possible.

Alexa C., Scottsdale, AZ


We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome

Stew did an awesome job for my husband and I during the recent purchase of our North Phoenix home! We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Stew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate and the local market as well as the local community. We were provided with information and details throughout the purchase that we wouldn’t have even thought to ask about. Stew works hard to please both his buyers and sellers and went above and beyond what I would have expected a real state agent to do! I would highly recommend Stew as your agent if you’re in the market to buy or sell.

Sue & Lawrence, Homebuyers


Personal attention that you deserve

I have been working with Stew Keene for many years. He is very detailed, knowledgeable, and professional. If you are looking for the personal attention that you deserve, look no further. He is your Real Estate professional!

Mark B., Scottsdale, AZ


Nobody comes close to his abilities, knowledge, and commitment

Before using Stew I used quite a few Realtors in Phoenix and none of them comes close to the abilities, knowledge and commitment to getting a home sold or purchased for you.

“dotten1”, Home seller


The ultimate professional

Stew is the ultimate professional when it comes to assisting clients and he made purchasing a home easy. He listens to his clients and went out of his way to insure the transaction went smoothly. Stew has become a family friend as well and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking real estate assistance!

Eileen W., Homebuyer
Gilbert, AZ


Very personable and very helpful

I found Stew through Yelp and let me say that the reviews are 100% true! Stew is very personable and is very helpful. My husband and I were trying to look for a home in the Scottsdale area and we had a short timeline. Within 3 months we were able to find a home and believe me that was not an easy task coming from out of state. Stew is very professional. He is there with you throughout the entire process. He very quick to respond to emails, phone calls, and is tech savvy. All of our documents were done electronically. It was really simple!

Stew is also very attentive and is informative. There were a few homes we looked at where he pointed out some flaws or concerns with regards to the location or the structure. I did not feel rushed, nor did I ever feel he was just trying to make a quick sale. Stew is an outstanding realtor and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in buying a home in the Phoenix area!

Jocelle L., Homebuyer
Cypress, CA


Always willing to go the extra mile

Stew is the epitome of a professional and courteous Realtor! He knows so much about the industry and the area around him that he can give you a full picture of the Phoenix Real Estate market.

I worked with Stew for 1 1/2 years before we found the right area and built our home… talk about a long sales cycle! Stew was patient and always willing to go the extra mile to help us out.

Matt L., Homebuyer
Mesa, AZ


You’re one step ahead of the competition when you are working with Stew

I have been performing home inspections for Stew for several years. I am amazed that he is always so positive and willing to do whatever it takes to keep the process rolling smoothly. It does not matter if it is a little condo or a million dollar property in Scottsdale; he always treats the buy and seller with the same respect and attention. And with him using the latest gadgets known to the real estate market, you are one step ahead of the competition when you are working with Stew.

Kevin S., Home Inspector
Gilbert, AZ


Personal service that’s outstanding and above and beyond expectations

If you want someone who genuinely, sincerely, and passionately cares for YOUR NEEDS to find your DREAM HOME, please don’t look any further! Stew will show you time after time that you’ve made the right choice as your Realtor because he will not sell you a house, but he will find your DREAM HOME for you!

Not only would you have found the house of your dreams but you will gain a special friend.. through all kinds of weather, he’s been there to show, guide, run, and huddle all the way with me as though he is my own family. He’s truly shown that he sincerely, genuinely cares to meet my housing needs from very beginning to EVEN AFTER getting the key to my new lovely house! A personal service that’s OUTSTANDING and ABOVE & BEYOND expectation is what I have received from Stew and I can’t thank him enough!!

Not only have I found a HOME I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, but through this process, I have met a good person/friend. I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you give him a call and find this out for yourself!! You will not be disappointed!

Priscilla P., Gilbert, AZ


Cannot recommend more highly

Stew went above and beyond! There are no words to describe how grateful I am for his help through my relocation process. He made everything go more efficiently and smoothly than I ever thought possible. He is so very thorough and detail oriented. I cannot recommend him more highly!!!

Bri B., Chandler, AZ


Stew’s the best realtor I know (and I’ve purchased quite a few homes)

He’s the one you want working for you because he’ll go the extra mile to get things done. What I like best about Stew is his patience. He’ll continue to look for homes until you’re satisfied. We successfully closed on a home in June! When you want the best – call Stew!

Taffey M., Albuquerque, NM