Phoenix Arizona

Our Amazing History

The area was settled by Indians well before anyone as a US citizen arrived to take claim to the area. Jack Swilling, a confederate soldier was farming in the White Tank Mountains in the 1850’s and speculated that the area could be used as farm land with a regular water supply. A small area was settled just East of Phoenix and that is where the growth started. People built out canals to the area of East Phoenix (the city had not been named yet)  and started to farm and inhabit the area calling their settlement “Pumpkinville”.  After much discussion of what to name the new City it was finally decided that it would be called “Phoenix” because they were building a new City from the Indian ruins that remained there. The City of Phoenix was founded in 1861 near the Salt River and eventually incorporated in 1881.

Sonoran Desert

The Valley of the Sun is considered part of the Sonoran Desert. The area is abundant with Cactus and in particular one Cactus that is very famous called the Saguaro, which is a protected species.

According to a Census Bureau in 2010 the City Phoenix had roughly 1.5 million people living here and in the entire “Valley of the Sun” which includes all or most of the surrounding towns within Maricopa County with Phoenix as the hub,  there are 4.2 million people living here.

A Great Place to Live

By any measurement, the Phoenix area is a great place to live. Here are some of the latest surveys that reflect what we already know about the Valley:

‘Money’ ranks Gilbert among most livable cities, and Phoenix amongst best bargains. (2014)

‘Money’ ranks Gilbert and Scottsdale among 100 best places to live. (2010) ranks Scottsdale as the best city in which to raise kids. (2014) rank Scottsdale, Glendale, and Phoenix among the 10 best cities to live. (2013) rank Mesa and Phoenix among top 15 cities to find a job. (2014) ranks Phoenix among top 10 happiest cities for young professionals. (2013)