A Little City Gets Bigger

Phoenix a Vacation Spot for Celebrities

Phoenix provided a great break to get away from the colder climates for a nice warm winter stay.  Several Hotels were built near the Paradise Valley area and some of those still remain today. The Arizona Biltmore is one of those staple’s of that era and is still operational. There is also the Hotel San Carlos, the Hotel Valley HoThe Royal Palms Resort and Spa and a little further South is the Arizona Grand Resort.

Urban Development

Staying Cool in the Valley of the Sun

Homes in Phoenix were built over a very wide range of development through the years. Close to it’s heart in the 40’s many of the homes were without air conditioning and the water supply was used to irrigate the home lots. Some of those irrigation canals still remain today.

Air conditioning did not exist at this time. Cooling didn’t actually make it’s way to Phoenix until the 50’s when evaporative coolers (aka swamp coolers) were brought in and that changed everything. Finally it was possible to live here year round in comfort. This also allowed large companies co come to Phoenix and build manufacturing plants. Electronic Giant Motorola was one of the first.

The multiple dwelling housing built by HallCraft (John Hall who started John Hall and Associates) were some of the first apartment type housing built around the valley for business to house employees. With that more people came to the valley to live and work and so Phoenix’s Growth began.


The area Water Supply is very controlled. Out water is provided from the Colorado River. Water in the Desert is key to survival and the Arizona Department of Water Resources keeps a close eye on water usage. Some area homes have Wells and depending on where you drill, you might strike water and you may not. Water conservation is a strong part of the Valley because were in the desert. Golf courses recycle their water for watering lawns so that it’s re-captured. Lakes are in the area too! Some people I speak to wouldn’t even think that The Valley has resources for recreational swimming and fishing but we do. Lake PleasantSaguaro LakeBartlett Lake are just a few that are near. The Salt River that feeds the Valley water is also a great place to fish and inner tube.