There are lots of destinations in Arizona and fortunately plenty of resources for you to investigate those things to do in Phoenix or any other town on the internet before you venture out.

A great page to look for things to do in Arizona is The Arizona Tourism Site called They have a great list of things there that will explain where to go and what to expect and plan for. It also has a multitude of links. Whether you live here or are coming to play, this guide is the mother of all resources for all things recreational in Arizona.

Other recreational things I have experienced and would highly recommend are:

The Sedona Pink Jeep Tour

The Colorado Grand Canyon River Rafting Tour

Inner Tubing the Salt River

These are 3 of my favorite things to do during the summer close to Phoenix that I know you will enjoy.

Some Tips For Inner Tubing

If you do decide to Inner Tube the Salt River, make sure you check the water levels on the river!  In July the levels can get quite low and the last thing you’ll want to do is be banging your backside against boulders or hauling the inner tube across shallow water. I also recommend taking some towels that you can wet down and place across your legs, bring sun tan lotion with UV protection and wear a hat. Sunlight that enters the water can intensify the light and burn you badly. If you rent an inner tube be sure you ask for a cover for them because that rubber can burn the crap out of you. When I go with a group I usually get an extra inner tube and put a cooler in the middle with ice, drinks and snacks. Be sure to bring a plastic bag to put your trash into as littering the Salt River is a stupid thing to do.  Arizona recreation is abundant and if we play responsibly we will be able to continue to enjoy all of the outdoor water attractions that Arizona has to offer.

Salt River inner tubingIf you decide to be more ambitious and go inner tubing in style, you can spend some money on upgrades. Sports Authority has some nice inner tubes with a netted bottom, head rests and cup holders. We usually tie these inner tubes to each other and put the cooler in the middle. It forms a flotilla and with a couple short paddles you will look like you’re professionals! Take two cars and park one at the large parking lot where you rent the inner tubes. This is the same place that you will be coming off the river when the water ride ends. Take some dry clothing with you too and leave that in the car. You’ll probably want to take some kind of wash cloth to clean yourself off with in the changing rooms, put on the dry clothes and everybody goes home happy. When you do get to the entry area you have two choices as far as how to inflate your inner tubes you bought. You can bring an electric 12 volt lighter plug in pump which will take you much too long to inflate, or you can do what I do and inflate the inner tubes before I go out. Cram them in both cars and drive to the entry point. When you arrive, unload all the gear. Have your crew organize the inflated inner tubes while two other people follow each other to the parking lot where the other car needs to be parked, then they both ride back together. Hit the water early and you’ll avoid all the crowds. I usually start about 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. It will be plenty hot by 9:00 and by noon you’ll be ready to get off the water and go home. The trip can average between 3-4 hours and that will depend on how the river is flowing.

Bon Voyage!