Sell Your Scottsdale or Phoenix Home

(For information about Selling Your Home As A Short Sale click HERE)


Phoenix Home Buyers are always looking for Bargains, and I have seen nothing in the last few years to indicate that things have changed; that is, until now. With prices starting to stabilize, now is the time to sell your Scottsdale or Phoenix Home.

In just the past year, given all the reductions in inventory, I have personally written contracts on homes whose offers have not only been accepted, but after all was said and done, the homes appraised out higher than the purchase price by an average of six to ten thousand dollars. So I would say it’s not all bad news for sellers nowadays, as long as you are realistic about how to price your home.

To sell your home, I strongly recommend that you hire a Realtor with a great marketing plan. Let me tell you about marketing plans: there are all kinds of them.  Every good realtor should have a marketing plan. What we do as Realtors that sell properties is “Market” the property. It’s what we are hired by you to do. Market, Market, Market. We are supposed to be great at it, but there are really few that fully understand what real marketing of real estate is. Most will plant a post in the ground, hold an open house or two, make some fliers and call it a day.

A Great listing realtor knows how to market beyond the usual. My marketing plan includes more than just a hand shake and a smile. I call it “The Usual”.

I have a full arsenal of marketing tools and I massively syndicate your home for sale to a worldwide audience, not just a local area market. I have successfully sold and negotiated Short Sale homes as well as non-distressed homes.

The next question is, what do you as the seller need to do to prepare to sell? Well, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Clean Your Home
  2. Clean Your Yard
  3. Prepare to Complete A Sellers Property Disclosure
  4. Make a List of The Repairs and Improvements You have Made
  5. Provide Copies of the HOA and CC&R’s
  6. Be Sure To Check Your Settlement Costs Before You List
  7. Pick a Placement for the Lock Box
  8. Provide A Schedule for Visits by Realtors Allowing Entry
  9. Provide the Listing Realtor any Realtors Cards After They Visit
  10. If You Have Pets, Give Instructions For Visiting Realtors

Of course, these are general suggestions but you get the idea. Think of selling your home like selling your car. You have to wash & clean it, rid it of carpet spots best you can, get the inside smelling fresh (especially if you smoke) make sure the paint is in good shape and if not, touch up those less than stellar areas with the same color paint, provide any damage history, provide receipts of the maintenance and repairs, make a list of the things that you have had repaired, take pictures of it, post it in an online ad, provide a great description, syndicate the ad, create some fliers to post in the local area, put a sign on it and so on and so forth.

Now it’s not my intention to compare Car Salesmen to Realtors (although some of the general public perceive Realtors in that guise!) but it takes skill beyond just having a product to sell.  Real estate is a much more personal experience because it’s where you live.

So, the point is, I can handle just about any need to list and help sell your home and I’m sure you get that by now. If you would like a listing presentation then reach out with a phone call or an e mail and we’ll meet at your home so I can show you how I work, what I do and we can start laying out a plan to sell your home.

I look forward to working for you!